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"Jennifer is the one presenter that I look forward to every year.  She was the best presenter all weekend.  So informative, funny, knowledgeable - it's a pleasure attending her sessions."

--Conference attendee

"Hi Jennifer.  Thank you again for the wonderfully, engaging, informative talk this evening. I'm a new faculty member at the university and hope to begin to bridge the gap between our university and the community. Your talk tailored to both audiences."

--University Professor

“Jennifer: Thank-you again for a tremendous presentation on Saturday at our Conference. Your depth of knowledge and ability to share that knowledge has been a major highlight of this year’s Symposium for all of us.”

--Medical Conference Planner

“I had the great pleasure of attending the convention late last week, and I was particularly entertained and informed by your very professional presentation. I will certainly be utilizing the recommendations you made!”

--Conference attendee

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk today at the Symposium! Great content and fabulous delivery. So nice to see such great presentation skills. It was a joy to attend.”

--University professor and conference attendee

“Thanks to you, Jennifer! I thought it was an excellent session. What I found most interesting was the fact that the kids seeing your presentation for the second time were equally interested. I've had nothing but positive comments from the parents and athletes.”

--Coach and sports club president

"Thank-you for a great workshop. I have been sharing some of your points with the parents of my students, the coach of my son's soccer team, friends and family - even the friend of my son who was over after a hockey practice. I gave him a talk about the importance of refuelling your muscles after a practice so that they may recover. He actually listened and told his coach that he needs to do the same for the rest of the team!"

--Parent of high performance athlete

“Just a quick note to say thank you for taking the time to come and present valuable information to us on nutrition. My daughter was bursting with excitement and info when she came home. She is a long , skinny monkey that burns up her energy quickly. She is very aware of what and when she ingests and felt very good to hear she is on the right track with her food group choices, proteins, carbs, and so on. She was thrilled to learn more of what she should do and what food (good and bad) does for you.”

--Parent of high performance athlete

“Thanks very much for the fabulous presentation! Lots of parents were discussing how informative the seminar was for them! You are a great presenter!”

--Parent of high performance athlete

“That was an EXCELLENT parent presentation last night … thank you for bringing it to the gym! Interesting how gymnasts nutrition needs differ from other athletes!”

--Parent of high performance athlete

"Thank you for your latest article on magnesium and blood pressure. I have sent off copies to friends in the UK and to each member of my family!"

--79 year-old National Post reader

"I just wanted to say thank you for your article on Health at Every Size! I am intrigued and hopeful about this approach. The more prominence this approach gets in mainstream media, as well as professional publications, the more impact in can have in prompting us to re-examine the evidence and our practices. Great work!"

--Public Health Dietitian

"I just read your Limits and Truths of Dietary Advice article. BRAVO!!!! Nicely done – love your writing, Jen!"

--Member of Dietitians of Canada

"Jennifer – I continue to enjoy your writing because of your fresh and honest approach."

--Registered Dietitian and Best-Selling Author

"Hi Jennifer,
Thanks very much for your article called Limits and Truths of Dietary Advice. Fabulous!"

--Registered Dietitian, EatRight Ontario

"Hello Jennifer,
As a dietitian I just want to thank you for the great article in the National Post titled "limits and truths of dietary advice". I hope it is read by many!"

--Registered Dietitian

"Hello Jennifer,
I found your article yesterday in the Post very interesting. I am a mother of 5 young children trying to lose the 30 lbs of pregnancy weight left behind. I actually clipped your suggestions for best breakfasts & best lunches. Your article is hanging on my fridge as a guide for me to eat better."

--National Post reader

"I always want to email and say thank you after each of your articles.... you are so gifted in taking a ton of info and simplifying it all and making so much sense!  I always send my clients to your articles and professionally I learn so much. Thank you!"

--Registered Dietitian

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Jennifer is a phenomenal speaker! She is very passionate, very knowledgeable, and very informative, and totally kept the audience engaged. Her information is excellent.”

- Conference attendee